Nature Poetry: “Dusk at St. Augustine Beach” and “Sunrise”

These are a couple of poems I first wrote in college and recently revisited.  The first one is a prose poem/vignette, and it is one of my favorites.  

Dusk at St. Augustine Beach

 On a crimson October evening, dusty white and sand shades brown with the incoming tide. I watch my friends remove their shoes to walk in the crisp ocean. Their youthful faces smile, and their eyes widen from the shock of the sea’s chill. Dressed in jeans and leather loafers, I don’t want to dampen and dirty my feet.

 I’m dry and clean, I tell myself. I can watch them have fun and still feel content. In pairs and trios, my friends pitter from the ocean to the dampening sand while I watch the waves lap and foam—alone. My spirit drifts to their bodies as I see their shared joy. I remove my shoes and socks, carrying them in my small hands. The damp sand moistens and tickles my feet. I walk closer to my companions, wondering how close is too close.


Circle of rising heat

paints the horizon,

a powder dark sky

glows dusty red.

Golden white light

turns a crimson sky blue.


Mother sun loves her earth.

She hugs the crisp leaves

As they change from green

To golden brown and shrivel

with the coming cold air.



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